Tech Insights #2 - Learning and development for the modern workplace just took another leap forward

If classroom-based learning is 1.0 and e-learning is 2.0, then this new world of learning, call it 3.0, takes another leap.

There’s now a whole new way to learn and there’s never been a better time to embrace it. In a post-pandemic, modern-day, heavily digitised world, our reliance on and appetite for technology that can enhance our quality of living is palpable. 

Our personal technical ecosystems have grown; we are now users of more devices and apps than ever before, with wearable tech and tech at home increasingly purging tech boundaries, and product categories becoming more and more blurred. 

Our love for convenience, data, and time:cost savings are clearly motivating factors when it comes to buying and using new tech, though often it is the experience that tech brings that is most valued — increasingly made more sophisticated and life-like through machine-learning and AI. 

Our love for gadgets and devices is much more than a trend, this is our norm. Technology is interwoven in our everyday lives. We’ve not only come to rely on smart tech, we’ve now begun to expect it — and this appetite is only going to grow. By way of example, the global smart home tech market was last year valued at $80.45 billion dollars. It is projected to reach $581.85 billion by 2032!

And so, this modern-day way of living calls for a modern-day way of learning. 

When it comes to the design and development of tech for learning, our team has been fortunate to work on some outstanding projects, working with some of the globe's biggest household names, and producing specialist L&D software that has pushed the boundaries and delivered far-reaching results too. 

Our latest product is no exception. With over 60 years of combined gaming technology expertise, we know how to develop software to engage the user, to provide an immersive experience like no other, that is visually pleasing and dopamine-rewarding. Working with our partners at PeopleUnboxed, specialists in learning and development, we’ve created an all-new platform - BentoBot.

BentoBot combines cutting-edge hybrid technology, embraces learning science and delivers a user-centric experience that is designed to fit with our modern-day, tech-loving lives. Best of all, it comes with a realistic price tag that makes it accessible for a wide range and size of organisations. 

Using AI, BentoBot delivers personalised, highly relevant, bite-sized content in the form of microlearning, which is perfect for quick, on-the-go consumption. Microlearning is far more conducive to mobile learning, and is compatible with how we best learn, and where/when we can learn. There are many, many benefits.

We wanted to design a platform we would want to use. No long, dull, monotonous classroom or online courses, or e-learning content that quickly becomes outdated, making the learning/training already pointless. So we developed a suite that is multi-modal, has an extensive content library, uses AI to target individual knowledge gaps — and a personalised learning journey. 

Using BentoBot, learning feels effortless. Users report enjoying the experience and better retain knowledge, while employers/service providers (we work with universities, retailers and industry to give an example) can track progress and see clear L&D results. Since launching in May, the response has been fantastic, and in a short space of time, we already have a good client list. We’re very excited about BentoBot and already have big plans for new additions. 

Meet the new way to learn with Bentobot.


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