Top priorities for L&D revealed with learning strategies highlighted

Over 20% of survey respondents said, ‘growth, efficiency, productivity, talent retention and wellbeing’ are priorities for their organisations according to the CIPD’s Learning at Work 2023 Survey.   

The top priority for organisations is growth, the second and third most common priority areas are reducing costs and improving productivity. There is also an increased focus on addressing skills gaps in the workforce.

The biggest challenge for learning practitioners across all sectors and organisation sizes is learner time, engagement and budget. 

One key part of the solution to help address all of the above is skill acquisition, knowledge retention and application. In fact, ‘learning’ is said to be one of the most common strategies that companies plan to adopt to deliver against organisational goals, aiding with talent retention and individual growth.

With this in mind, how does technology factor in this matter? Well, it seems eLearning still features heavily, there is an increased appetite for collaboration, and for more engaging technologies that can be utilised anytime and anywhere, allowing for much greater usage flexibility.

Mobile apps, VR, AR, gaming, and user generated content are all seen as essential for helping to build skills and change behaviours. 

This comes as no surprise to the team here at BentoBot - learning technologies is a field we’ve become experts in, thanks to our extensive experience across the L&D profession and tech development sector. 

Recognising the opportunity for a new-age, mixed technology platform that could blend the very best of eLearning, gamification, AI and more to provide a multimodal platform that can meet the challenging requirements of the L&D profession, and importantly, the learner, is exactly what BentoBot does. 

BentoBot’s design is based on years of experience of learning technology development, to provide the very best, most user-friendly and flexible tool; that not only serves to optimise engagement by maximising reward psychology, it provides a perfect suite of reporting analytics, alongside a whole range of functionality that can be tailored to suit any organisation.

Although relatively new, BentoBot has become the go-to tool for brands such as; McDonald’s, University of Leeds and Red Construction, who have come to rely on the platform for employee training and development. 

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