Software solutions that grow your business

There’s a role for technology in every department and at every interface. Our experience has helped to highlight the many facets of tech and how it can be applied and designed to best impact an organisation and its people.

To give a brief overview, we’ve summarised our top five ways in which tech can support your business:



Streamlining – with the right tech approach, operations can become far more efficient, removing duplication and bottlenecks and making processes far more frictionless.


Boosting CX – Yes, applying tech to improve the customer experience is possibly one of our favourite areas. You can really apply creativity, bringing in the brand and engaging the customer in a desired way.


Data – With tech we can link to multiple systems, and produce a wide range of reports and stats with analytic dashboards that give that ‘at a glance’, user-friendly reporting, helping you to make sense of your data, shine a light on current performance, highlight trends and allow people to spot opportunities. What’s not to like?


Learning & Development – A hot spot for us here at Lumanorth. We’re passionate about learning technologies and have developed a suite of software in the past for this purpose. E-learning, gamification, AI + — a blend of tech can be applied to provide new-age learning tools that have proven, enhanced user knowledge acquisition, plus a lot more.


Employee Engagement – Linked to the above, but can also be applied in very different ways, tech for employee engagement is no longer dull and boring — they’re tools employees want to use and engage in effortlessly, helping improve internal communications, morale and motivation.


Having developed specialist software for many years and for many clients, some of which include leading high street brands, we’ve become accustomed to helping organisations with all of the above on some challenging projects – and with great success!

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