Advancing Personalised Learning

Thanks to advances in technology and the development and availability of learning platforms, (now more accessible and more widely used than ever before in both education and workplace settings), personalised learning is less of a standalone strategy, and more an embedded element of an individual learners education/training program.

Personalised learning is no longer an intervention applied to help individuals with certain learning requirements, but rather a mainstream approach, which importantly is easily scaled with the right technology facilitating delivery.

Technology has accelerated this approach in particular by enabling i) access to learner data, ii) giving visibility of knowledge and knowledge gaps, and iii) by providing overall performance insights for both the learning provider and the learner, while providing a convenient and easily deployable tech platform. 

The benefits offered by new-age learning technologies are many, however, and include:


•        Learners can work through content at their own pace and at a level that is best suited to them.


•        They can build their own learning programmes, selecting ‘playlists’ based on their interests and individual needs, putting self-initiated learning at the heart of this approach. This leads to far greater engagement and typically better learning outcomes. 


•        Practitioners can create learning programmes with ease, selecting and mixing learning content to produce relevant learning modules that can be implemented and scaled effectively.


•        Tracking performance is made so much easier with technology, supporting education/workplace practitioner observations with performance data and insights that help provide context and detailed analysis of the individual’s progress, as well as comparisons to group/team/function/department data for context.


•        Learning content can blend a range of different formats and delivery modes, helping to keep the learner engaged throughout.


•        By delivering learning programmes via a cloud-based system, learners can access their individual programmes when and how it suits them, be that from a computer, tablet or mobile.


•        With bite-sized micro-learning modules, learners can work in short-bursts, maintaining concentration levels, plus they can make use of short ‘free’ periods effectively.
AI-powered learning platforms provide the most advanced means of personalised learning, providing suitably adaptive content, presenting it to the individual, and drawing from an extensive suite of learning content. 


Our own platform, BentoBot,  powers up the individual’s performance with bite-sized, multimodal learning, leveraging AI to specifically target individual knowledge gaps and personalise the learning journey.


Added to that, it incorporates gamification, maximising reward psychology and effortlessly engaging learners, while motivational elements such as leaderboards can help drive individual progress. 
This new-age tech brings real ROI to educational organisations and employers. 


To find out how to advance your learner’s progress using BentoBot, contact and request a demo.