Delivering just what is needed for DNV (life-like scenario training)

DNV is one of the biggest companies of its type worldwide and provides cutting-edge tech-delivered training for its clients using a mix of immersive platforms.



We have an extensive background in developing role-based training and true-to-life immersive visuals for companies working in the maritime sector, so we have a lot of expertise to call upon. To understand the DNV teams demands and challenges we:




Our team of software designers and content creators are specialists in producing sophisticated, technical environments and role-play scenarios within a tech platform. This enabled us to step in and rapidly offer design support. This included:


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Keeping the course content relevant, fresh, and most importantly, as accurate to working environments and job roles as possible is crucial for maximum impact. To achieve this we:

Followed a structured programme of work with client input at various key stages to ensure training relevance


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DNV is a huge company with offices worldwide and an international workforce. The company supplies services to teams working onsite and in remote offshore destinations.

We therefore needed to recognise the range of users (cultural variations and languages, in particular) and the user requirements when providing tech support and VR asset creation.