Jobs at Lumanorth

Lumanorth is a small company with big ambitions, based at the Toffee Factory, located in the heart of the Ouseburn Valley in Newcastle. We are looking for like minded, talented individuals to join our team.

We are independently funded, and intend on staying focused, keeping bureaucracy out while delivering at scale.

Our philosophy

We're technology agnostic. Always picking the right tool to deliver a solution, we are never dogmatic about our choices.

We don't blindly follow development methodologies. We believe in empowering teams and collaborative work, and carve our own path of what works for us.

We value learning above everything else. At the end of every development cycle we have R&D days where you can work on a personal project, learn a new framework or tool, or collaborate on a bigger one with your peers.

We view software as a craft, and deliver quality products that delight our users. That means taking steps to make meaningful decisions that emphasise our users and their experiences.

We believe in the convergence of art and technology. Our heritage in games development combined with years of "serious" software development has convinced us the best solutions are cross domain, and this reflects in our thinking and solutions we produce.

What we offer

Open positions

We’re always on the lookout for creative, talented people - if we don’t have any current vacancies we may be recruiting again soon, so please forward your CV to us if you’re interesting in joining the team.


We are looking for talented developers at various skill levels. Our primary stack is VueJs, Typescript, Node and Postgres based, but we do develop in various other stacks too.